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Historical view about gymnastics

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Gymnastics is one of the oldest sports practices are started in Pharaonic times to the ancient Egyptian civilization and had found inscriptions indicate that in the pharaonic temples of the ancient pre-history.




 In 1921 (FEG) Gymnastics European Federation  became the unique responsible for gymnastics in the world, and therefore it changed from (F.E.G) to (F.I.G) International Gymnastics Federation, and it became the unique official body recognized to oversee the various gymnastics events since 1921.


In 1931 the first world gymnastics championships was held in the city of Paris in France while the first participation in gymnastics for  women was  in the year 1934 at the world championships in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The sport of gymnastics at the moment considered the most important Olympic sports.

It gives the gymnast many important  physical abilities, psychological, and develop the courage and the psychological state and the most important of arbitration muscular psychological and moreover, only one gymnast can achieve 8 medals in the tournament.

  International Gymnastics Federation of had many branches which is the national federations and continental federations.


 Gymnastics consists of multiple branches inside International Gymnastics federation thes
Gymnastics Artistic Masculine - Gymnastics Artistic feminine -Rhythmic Gymnastics -Trampoline Gymnastics and Tambling  -Aerobic gymnastics- Gymnastics Acrobatic and Finally, Gymnastics For All.

 Every kind of previous mentioned activity consisted of multiple apparatus or tools.

 in gymnastics artistic there are six apparatus

Floor – Pommel Horse – Rings – Vault – Parallel Bars and High Bar.

 In rhythmic gymnastics, which perform with music and dance movements, and is intended for girls only there are the follows tools:
Ribbon - Ball – Clubs - Rope and Hoop.


Tambling is a line of Gymnastics floor designed especially for Tambling and the gymnast had to perform 8 element in a row.

Aerobics is the practice of exercises outdoor or indoor aim of gaining health in same time it used as a competitive sport and have their own heroic deeds.

All events in gymnastics can perform individually or in team.

In the State of Qatar, for example there are gymnastics artistic for men and women - Rhythmic Gymnastics - Trampoline - aerobic and general gymnastics.

Qatar Gymnastics Federation officially announced in  2000 and received official recognition from (F.I.G) in the year 2002 and in spite of modern gymnastics countries compared with Gulf or other Arab or international gymnastics country , the country has achieved a lot of achievements in this short period for example Qatar is one among the European countries  which is organize on the world cup series in gymnastics and in same time it the only Arabian country who is allowed to organize such activity.

Qatar state won the Arab Championships and some international competitions in trampoline Qatar gymnastics won 5 medals including 3 gold medals at the international tournament in Italy, artistic gymnastics dominated the competition in Gulf area and also in Arab competitions  and in Asian Games 2010 the only Arabian gymnasts was qualifying to  the final were from the State of Qatar in artistic gymnastics. and in trampoline our gymnast has finished sixth in the continent of Asia.

And although we are still at the beginning but  we were able to achieve many and we seek to achieve the best in the future.


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