Qatar will benefit if AGU Ex-Co approves certain proposals, says Al Hitmi

AGU EX-Com2018

Doha: The Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF) President Ali Ahmed Al Hitmi attended the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) Executive Committee meeting here last Sunday. 

“We had a fruitful and positive discussion on a wide range of topics. Most of the members are confident that the proposals put forward by the various Technical Committees and AGU Presidential Commission will have a positive impact on the sport’s development in the continent,” said Al Hitmi. 

The MAG, WAG, RG and Acro had presented couple of proposals including changes in some statutes besides the AGU Presidential Commission urged the Ex-Co to consider them before passing it to the AGU Congress for approval.

“Qatar will also benefit if those proposals are approved. We want to develop the sport by having qualified judges and coaches. We should have a way forward thinking,” added Al Hitmi, who is also a FIG Ex-Co member.



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