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We have to be proud

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Here they have the competent authorities asking approach innovative and bold to develop new technology for cooling the venues open to prove that it can be done to control the temperature in the stadium and the stands during a football match, even in the months (June and July), paving the way for the first time in history to establish such a global sporting event in the open field and cooled in the open air and proudly on the beloved land of Qatar.


Stadium has been selected by his Excellency  Sheikh Jassem bin Hamad Al Thani, Al Sadd Sports Club for the application of such new technology

Hamad bin Jassim dam

It has been commended in the Club 74 was built entirely in 2004 and the stadium has more than 13,000 seat was one of the main venues in the Asian Games held in Qatar in 2006.

The main aim of the project is to secure the air conditioner in the playground and open stands of spectators and dignitaries, which guarantees not to exceed the temperature to be about 26 degrees Celsius even when they exceed the temperature of the atmosphere normal 46 degrees Celsius and has been to overcome the many challenges and numerous difficulties.

One of the most important design exit air holes in the runways of spectators were required to secure and distribute air through air outlets manufactured specifically for this purpose and in line with the principle of preserving the environment has been the implementation of the new cooling technique based on the use of refrigerant environmentally friendly.

The success of this project proved to Qatar to the world that Alan has a strong and a very special and of our duty to support and file support Qatar 2022 by all means and ways blessed and wishing her to achieve this big win.

Insallah we get it.


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