QGF is the most active federations in QOC

Doha: Boasting of one of the finest sports infrastructures in the world, Qatar has become a centre-point of top international competitions. While the country promotes all sports, the Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF) remains one of the most active federations in the Qatar Olympic Committee.


The QGF already hosted 10 editions of FIG Artistic World Challenge Cup. It not only gave them a sense of pride, but it helped them win the bid for the 2018 FIG World Championships in 2013.


Even the FIG President Morinari Watanabe, who visited Doha last year, praised QGF for being one of the major players in the region as far as the sport’s promotion and development was concerned.


“Doha has hosted several top competitions. The QGF has gained rich experience through the organisation of Artistic World Challenge Cup every year. I think the 2018 Worlds will be one of the best in history,” said Watanabe.


Under the leadership of Ali Ahmed Al Hitmi, the federation ensured that the sport is promoted among the school children.


So, it’s not surprising to see many tiny tots turn up to receive trainings at QGF’s training centre at Luqta, which was opened in 2013.


“Our target is to produce good gymnasts. We’ve invested a lot of energy on finding out the best talent. Several of them have had good results in the Arab competitions, but there’s always a scope of improvement,” said Al Hitmi, who is also FIG Ex-Co member.

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